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  • Tips for Grease-lubricated Couplings
  • Prevent Water Contamination in Lubricants
  • 5 Functions of a Lubricant
  • Formal Oil Sampling Procedures
Tips for Grease-lubricated Couplings

To improve the reliability of grease-lubricated couplings, use only greases formulated for that purpose. General-purpose greases often have thickeners that are heavier than the oil. When subjected to the continuous and extreme forces of a spinning coupling, the thickeners in general-purpose greases can centrifuge to the outside, leaving the oil on the inside. Unfortunately, the outside is where the oil is needed. The thickeners in coupling greases are equal in weight to or lighter than the oil, ensuring that the wearing parts in the coupling are well-lubricated. (Douglas Branham, Lubrication Systems Company)

Prevent Water Contamination in Lubricants
Water is usually the liquid source of lubricant contamination. Measuring and observing the relative moisture/water activity can serve as an early indicator of the possible development of harmful free water. In order to assess the risk and to initiate necessary measures to prevent serious damage, it is useful to know the saturation level of the liquid in use.

5 Functions of a Lubricant

Test your knowledge and prepare for ICML lubrication and oil analysis certification.

   Question: Name five functions of a lubricant.


Formal Oil Sampling Procedures
From "Facility Manager's Maintenance Handbook":

Sampling methods have a great impact on the results of the oil analysis program. The sampling is where the analysis process begins, and if not done properly, it will affect the results, including the possibility of performing unnecessary maintenance. Formal sampling guidelines should be established and adhered to. 
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